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when it gets ugly SLIPSLOP
oil = earth blood (from the vaults 2009)
berlin battle ground dub (4 refugees)
fowad sight

fowad sight

genre: Digi Dub
do da doo (sound killah)


genre: Digi Dub
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About Us >green_man/

SLIPSLOP bottom to top with massive drop for da green crop music for growers  power to the people  one love  one earth

154 BPM for spinners

my music is for healing, for fighting the poison that destroys the planet and all its citizens, including the humans. they make war on living things. i think love 1st. sound is a powerful tool and its force is beyond melody. Inity warriors! from spiritual to virtual to vegetal. dub warriors, growers, musikers, poets, painters, dancers, speakers, right it! stand up! we must win so this continues. thanks and praise to the Most High!

master marley, scratch perry, prince far I, sun ra, scientist, dennis bovell, uroy, public enemy, miles davis, dudu indayi rose
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